Wisconsin School of Business

Wisconsin School of Business
Program Strengths

The Wisconsin Executive MBA Program offers experienced, high-potential professionals the opportunity to earn an advanced degree in 20 months without career interruption. With its lockstep cohort format, the Executive MBA Program meets all day, every other Friday and Saturday. The strategic leadership curriculum addresses the needs of experienced, highly motivated executives and leaders. This program delivers core business principles, knowledge, and skills that are immediately relevant to the workplace. Course content is infused with current issues and theory to take students to the cutting edge of business practice and inform them throughout their career.

Curriculum Highlights

Designed for experienced leaders and managers, this program focuses on leadership and strategic business management. Students engage directly with globally recognized faculty, including research experts and industry professionals, to form a collaborative learning experience where students and faculty draw on their industry experiences and perspectives. Executive MBA students learn firsthand about international business practices, competitive markets, and complex environments through the global learning experience to a unique destination.

Leadership Development

The program equips Executive MBA students with the necessary skills and techniques to successfully manage their careers through quality coaching, guidance, and facilitation. The program works with alumni, as well as corporate and community partners, to help students surpass even their own professional expectations. To gain a competitive edge in the market, the career management team will help students develop a better understanding of branding, interviewing, and social media trends to leverage resources and build a network that expands their organization and industry boundaries. Students also receive support to tackle new challenges and excel in their current organizations, including guidance on career advancement and salary negotiation.