Rotman School of Management

Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto
Program Strengths

An innovative program, the Omnium Global Executive MBA changes the way students think. One of the first truly global programs of its kind, the intensive 18-month degree program is based in key business centers on four continents. Students emerge with the skills to lead in an increasingly globalized business environment, a new network of international contacts, and invaluable insights on how to advance their careers.

This international learning experience immerses working professionals in core business disciplines from a global perspective. Professionals come to the program from throughout the world, meeting for two-week teaching modules and project work in North America, South America, East Asia, Europe, South Asia, and the Middle East.

Curriculum Highlights

Omnium faculty members are distinguished by their stellar reputation for groundbreaking research, authoritative insight, and ongoing involvement in the business world. Faculty members are available to students between modules for support with project work, business networking, and team leadership. They are aware of the balance it takes for students to complete a degree while they work, and they make student success a top priority.

Omnium’s residential study modules are opportunities for immersion in distinctive business cultures few can understand from afar. While full-day classes, workshops, and site visits make up the bulk of the experience, the program encourages students to spend their free time mingling with host executives and getting to know the local economy.

The Omnium Capstone Project teaches students to think differently. Over the 18-month course, student teams work to solve a global company’s challenging business problem. Through applied innovation, students learn to approach problems from a new perspective. Students learn not only to solve problems, but also to create and scale an opportunity to generate increased revenue. These skills give students immediate and lasting impact in their careers.

Leadership Development

An essential component of the Omnium program is the opportunity it gives experienced professionals to reflect and build on their leadership strengths. Beginning in the foundation module, students complete a series of self-assessments and begin to build their leadership plans. Courses will cover team-building, emotional intelligence, decision making, relationship management, and organizational and personal leadership, and will provide numerous opportunities to learn from leaders from throughout the world.