University of Texas, Arlington

Executive MBA Program
Program Strengths

The Executive MBA Program at the University of Texas, Arlington (UT Arlington), offers students: 

  • Optimized, 15-month format with classes delivered in sequence, two weekends per month, starting at 1 p.m. Friday afternoon
  • Global perspective and a two-week immersion with the unmatched UT Arlington China business and student network that yields an exclusive Graduate Certificate in Asian Business Studies
  • Relevant curriculum based on leadership, innovation, and globalization where students develop critical-thinking frameworks in class to apply at work immediately
  • Connections that count with outstanding faculty, industry experts, and high-performing classmates who bring sophisticated collaboration, problem solving, and networking to the classroom and beyond
  • World-class quality and incredible value with all-inclusive pricing that covers tuition, books, fees, course materials, travel and lodging abroad, class meals, and more

UT Arlington is fully accredited by AACSB International, the professional accrediting association for business schools, a distinction that places UT Arlington’s College of Business among the top 5 percent worldwide.

Curriculum Highlights
The 37-hour, AACSB-accredited EMBA Program focuses on developing strategic frameworks for executives and managers based on the fundamentals of leadership, innovation, and globalization.

The unique UT Arlington EMBA curriculum prepares students for the future of business and their careers, providing them with actionable information that can make an immediate difference in real-time business situations. The program takes a student-team based approach with an emphasis on current case studies, which offers students an optimum opportunity to practice high-level decision making in a collaborative environment. This proven approach combines intellectual study with real-world, global business savvy, developing a foundation for students to build the rest of their careers.

Another program centerpiece, the two-week China immersion is unique in many ways. UT Arlington has been providing EMBA education on the ground in China since 2001.  The well-established business and alumni network in China allows the program to deliver a unique cultural immersion unlike any other EMBA program.  This immersion and the related course work result in the only EMBA Program in the country that also offers its students a Graduate Certificate in Asian Business Studies.

Leadership Development

Leadership is a fundamental element of the UT Arlington EMBA, particularly the concept of strength-based leadership. Essentially, this concept recognizes that there are many different aspects of leadership, such as an individual’s personality, skills, experience, creativity, personal integrity, initiative, and environment (to name just a few). Strength-based leadership requires an understanding individual strengths and weaknesses and using this understanding to identify the unique individual leadership approach. Through a battery of leadership assessment tests that are administered before the beginning of this course, participants will explore their own strengths and weaknesses and the impacts of those strengths and weaknesses on leadership style.