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Bloch Executive MBA
Bloch Executive MBA - University of Missouri-KC
Program Strengths

The competitively priced Bloch Executive MBA at the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) provides the highest-quality graduate business education and student services with minimal disruption to students’ careers. 

For 21 months, students meet two Saturdays and one Friday per month. Bloch Executive MBA classes take place in a unique experiential learning environment at the Henry W. Bloch Executive Hall for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which opened in 2013.

Built on the four platforms of leadership, civic engagement, innovative mindset, and global perspective, the Bloch Executive MBA supports career success. The program makes a dedicated executive coach available from start to finish, helping students foster self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and career success. Throughout the program, the cohort teamwork-based experiential learning mirrors today’s workplace, which allows students to immediately apply what they learn.

More than 300 local and regional organizations have sponsored Executive MBA students since the first class began 20 years ago. A powerful executive network allows participants to create invaluable relationships with local, national, and international business leaders and more than 100,000 UMKC alumni globally.

Curriculum Highlights

Four immersion residencies deepen student competencies in key areas: Leadership; innovative mindset; civic engagement (Washington, D.C); and global perspective (China). 

During the unique civic engagement residency, students will have access to law makers and policy makers and ultimately enhance their understanding of complex public sector systems, processes, and leaders, and identify and define the various forces that shape and impact business policy.

Globally recognized scholars, authors and educators, Bloch Executive MBA faculty members provide cutting-edge insights and relevant application to today’s business challenges. Faculty members engage in innovative partnerships and are known for being highly accessible, resulting in a challenging and collaborative learning environment. 
The Bloch Executive MBA is AACSB accredited, the highest standard in business education and recognized worldwide.

Leadership Development

The rapid changes that today’s organizations face require a new generation of leadership that demonstrates innovation, dexterity, and global and team thinking. Throughout the years, the Bloch Executive MBA has become the leader in transforming talent for Kansas City and beyond. 

Through participating in the program, students develop necessary skills to generate creative solutions that address unmet needs and wants, evaluate the relative attractiveness of competing solutions, and organize to exploit opportunities in the marketplace.