University of Minnesota

Carlson School of Management
Program Strengths

The Carlson School of Management offers three Executive MBA Programs in Minneapolis, Minn.; Vienna, Austria; and Guangzhou, China. These EMBA Programs prepare senior managers and leaders from diverse organizations and industries to solve complex business challenges and proactively lead global organizations and teams.  Program formats differ slightly (alternate weekend/consecutive weekend/modular), but students in all programs receive an MBA degree from the University of Minnesota and all programs feature:

  • Peer cohorts of experienced professionals from diverse positions and industries — from marketing and operations to finance, medicine, and more
  • Internationally recognized faculty who advise top international organizations on best practices and apply insights from their own research to real-world business problems
  • Access to a world-renowned network of alumni and corporate partners
  • A wealth of new business knowledge, broader strategic capabilities, and problem-solving skills
  • World-class faculty and curricula

While based in three different continents, all students connect through the Virtual Team Project (VTP), which provides the unique opportunity to work in a collaborative team environment across cultures, industries, and markets. As participants in the VTP, students develop advanced skills in teamwork, cross-cultural collaboration, and business plan development within a dynamic environment shaped by academic rigor and the demands of real-world international business.

Curriculum Highlights

Carlson Executive MBA students embark on a rigorous course of study that helps build critical skills and exposes them to best practices and cutting-edge theories. The curriculum reaches well beyond what is taught in a classroom. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of business functions and tools, followed by carefully selected courses that take on complex management challenges with a global focus.  Each program includes one or more international residencies, which allow students to participate in an intense hands-on global experience in emerging and mature markets throughout the world. During international residencies, students see firsthand cultural and social differences that can profoundly impact global business.

These faculty-led residencies incorporate speakers, projects, team presentations, case studies, and visits to diverse organizations – public, private, non-profit, local, or multinational ­– with interactions with senior management teams and leadership. Students truly experience a new culture through cultural, educational, and social activities.

Leadership Development

Leadership is at the foundation of the Carlson Executive MBA curriculum.  The programs provide a host of offerings and opportunities that shape more effective leaders:

  • Innovative programming that furthers leadership development – Courses on topics such as ethics and leadership address the decision-making tools required of senior managers to ethically and successfully lead with programming like executive communications workshops, and leadership assessment tools help students grow as a leaders.
  • Opportunities to practice and improve new leadership skills – The VTP provides firsthand experience in what it takes to lead teams that operate across continents, cultures, and industries.
  • Exposure and access to global business leaders – At the Carlson School, C-level executives regularly visit classrooms and supplement case studies with their personal experiences. In addition, the international residency component of the program offers students a chance to engage business and government leaders in emerging and mature markets throughout the world.