University of Kentucky - University of Louisville

Program Strengths

The University of Kentucky (UK) and the University of Louisville (UofL) have partnered to create an innovative Executive MBA that helps students advance to the next stages of their professional careers.  Designed for mid-level to C-level executives from all business sectors, the UK-UofL Executive MBA gives students the leadership skills and the hands-on tools they need to propel their careers forward.

Designed for the busy professional, the 20-month program offers a convenient Friday/Saturday schedule alternating between the two campuses. The concierge level of service allows students to focus only on their academic endeavors, leaving the details to program staff.

The UK-UofL EMBA experience emphasizes networking and collaboration across industry boundaries. A typical cohort represents a wide range of industries, including medical, energy, technology, finance, and equine businesses. The most experienced faculty from Kentucky’s leading research institutions work collaboratively with this elite set of emerging business talent as they prepare to assume growing strategic leadership roles within their organizations.

With the UK-UofL, EMBA students achieve a broad, global perspective – a critical asset in today’s competitive business world.

The University of Kentucky and University of Louisville are proud Yellow Ribbon partners.

Curriculum Highlights
The UK-UofL EMBA takes students through 46 credit hours in courses that cover accounting, economics, finance, marketing, quantitative methods, management, and special topics, such as social media use in business. The program helps students develop not only hard skills fundamental to running a business, but also soft skills essential to lead the organization into the future.

Cohort members acquire technical business knowledge demanded of any MBA graduate, but faculty and peers also guide them through critical self-assessment to develop exceptional approaches to leadership. Participants further broaden their perspectives through a real-world connection to their classroom experience, including a 10-day business and public policy trip to an international location.

Leadership Development
The UK/UofL EMBA helps ensure that students fulfill their promise as leaders in both business and community organizations. As such, the program integrates leadership concepts into every course in the curriculum, helping students develop these critical skills as part of a comprehensive whole. Courses guide and support students as develop insight into their personal leadership tendencies and the skills to continuously improve them throughout the course of their careers.

Outside of the classroom, the program also provides networking opportunities with C-level talent from within the region. As a result, students gain insight from successful leaders who understand from personal experience the situations that the students are likely to encounter.

The UK-UofL EMBA helps students build all the confidence they need to proceed boldly and know that they can pursue their professional aspirations.