Cox Executive Program
Program Strengths

The Cox Executive MBA (EMBA) Program is located in the heart of Dallas, Texas, one of the fastest growing markets and home to the second most company headquarters.  Prime location results in an abundance of career opportunities and heightened networking.  The Associate Board Mentorship program allows students to select from more than 260 Dallas-Fort Worth business leaders to participate in a mentor relationship both years of the program.  

A large cohort with vast diversity in industry and function enables students to build lasting relationships and business contacts.  Students form study groups that function as project teams and remain together for the duration of the program to maximize team effectiveness.  The combination of experienced professors with skilled professionals makes for rich classroom experiences.  Classes take place in a state-of-the-art facility, which allows recording of lectures for future viewing or download.  

Outside the traditional MBA experience, Cox offers close to 20 different Centers of Excellence including the Latino Leadership Initiative, the Maguire Energy Institute, Business Leadership Center, and Caruth Center for Entrepreneurship.  Students benefit from full access to resources at these various Centers of Excellence, allowing them to develop both personally and professionally. 

Cox EMBA staff members have a combined 35-plus years working directly with EMBA students.  The personalized application process focuses on the candidate’s academic and career goals and helps them prepare and execute individualized action plans.  Students use the action plans during the program and in personal coaching.

Curriculum Highlights

A general management program, the Cox EMBA emphasizes real-world application with a global consulting project, business plan competition, country manager simulation, and merger and acquisition deal proposal.  Tenured professors teach foundation courses, and industry practitioners teach courses such as law, leadership, finance, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Visiting multiple countries and cities during the global studies course offers opportunities to compare and contrast different economic and political stages of growth.  Study groups act as consulting teams that work directly with U.S.-based companies to determine their viability in foreign markets, ultimately preparing a recommendation and presenting it to senior management.

Upon graduation, students may exercise their option to take additional elective course work that earns them a concentration in a certain function.

Leadership Development

Within the curriculum, the Executive Leadership course provides numerous opportunities for student development.  The course work includes a skills assessment and written leadership development plan tailored to each individual student.  Also, study groups interview highly effective leaders to gain their perspectives on what has led to their success.

The Business Leadership Center provides specialized training in leadership and communication via seminars, executive roundtables, and applied leadership programs.  Weekly seminars cover a wide range of topics from interpersonal relationships to managerial leadership. The seminars are included in the cost of the program and are available immediately after acceptance into the program.   The Associate Board Mentor Program capitalizes on the schools close ties with Dallas’ leading companies and influential business leaders.  Selecting a mentor allows an ongoing one-on-one personalized relationship for each student.  The EMBA Program also offers a business presentation techniques course and individual interview prep sessions.