Seattle University

Seattle University
Program Strengths

The Leadership Executive MBA (LEMBA) at Seattle University offers students:

  • Eight months of a deep dive into leadership with one-on-one executive coaching—giving students a powerful, personal leadership foundation for the remainder of the program
  • Access to the world-class faculty of the Albers School of Business and Economics—masters at merging theory with practice for transformational, real-world results
  • Cohort-based classroom settings with talented, accomplished peers who become a lasting network of personal and professional support 
  • A focus on the social impact of business and organizational decisions in an interdependent global community
  • Projects that put leadership into action on issues that matter to participants
  • A convenient schedule that works for busy professional and personal lives
Curriculum Highlights

The depth of focus on leadership sets the LEMBA apart from other Executive MBAs. Founded on the principles of the Executive Leadership Program (ELP), students devote the first two quarters to finding their vision and voice as a leader and developing the insights and skills that will serve them as leaders in business and the larger society.

Students will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of what it means to be a leader. All participants spend the first two quarters in the Executive Leadership Program—a unique deep dive into leadership.
  • A strong knowledge of best business practices. The next three quarters sharpen participants’ business acumen with a focus on accounting, finance, economics, and marketing. Faculty members teach all these courses with a perspective that benefits the strategic decision maker.
  • The ability to apply new business skills through the lens of leadership. In the final quarter of the program, students synthesize all they learned in a capstone project of importance to them.
Leadership Development

The intense focus on leadership provides the transformational experience that accomplished business professionals want and need on the path to senior leadership.  All Executive MBA Programs at Seattle University begin with an eight-month deep dive into leadership and its personal meaning in each participant’s life.

Organizations need enlightened leaders who know themselves, lead from an ethical compass, mobilize others around a shared vision, and see the connection between a better business and a better world. This spirit of leadership runs deep in the DNA of Seattle University and its Executive Education Programs. As collaboration, innovation, and transparency become essential to success in companies and communities, LEMBA graduates become increasingly valuable assets.