MIP Politecnico di Milano

Executive MBA 2015
Program Strengths

MIP is the business school of the Politecnico di Milano with a tradition in engineering and a strong focus on technology, and organizational and managerial innovation.

MIP’s Executive MBA applies an analytical approach to problem solving and provides the special mix of technical and management skills to develop and lead world-class companies in a range of sectors. This format enhances a global perspective as well the analytical skills, understanding, confidence, and language to exert influence at all levels in an organization.

The EMBA Programs attract managers who wish to undertake an innovative Executive MBA without taking a break from their current responsibilities. The programs combine face-to-face lessons with multimedia content. Developed by MIP on Microsoft technology, an innovative digital learning platform delivers the online content. Adapting to the changing marketplace, MIP offers these programs in a part-time (Milan, June 2015) or evening format (Milan, November 2015).  Students admitted to the first year can decide later on whether and when to continue with the second year, as long as the whole program is completed within a three-year period.

Another Executive MBA format, the Flex EMBA (Milan, April 2015) allows participants to acquire the same competencies, to build the network of relationships, and to achieve the same degree that they would with the previous EMBA formats. They also benefit from the maximum flexibility and compatibility with the most modern digital technologies. The program lasts from a minimum of 20 months to a maximum of three years.

Curriculum Highlights

Part-time and evening program formats consist of five main building blocks: core courses of general management, a leadership program, elective courses, project work, and smart learning. The Flex EMBA is organized into eight core courses, 140 hours of classroom lessons, and the concluding assignment or project work.

As a modular program, the Executive MBA easily adapts to the needs of participants: In fact, all the formats allow student to diversify and personalize their EMBA education by choosing different electives courses. The elective modules offers the possibility of taking part in the project, “Doing Business In [another country],” which consists of traveling to a foreign business school for a week with the objective of studying the business individualities of that country. Students are immersed for one week in the culture of a country, visiting successful local and international companies.

Finally, the part-time format empowers students to maximize their leadership potential. The MIP Leadership Program and the support of the Talent Development Center set an even higher standard for career growth and development, through an intensive, highly personalized program of assessment and development. The Flex EMBA also includes a soft skills and coaching program with periods of face-to-face interaction and online platform sessions. This program aims – as do all other Executive MBAs - to develop the students’ soft skills and those in negotiation, public speaking, and leadership, as well as provide them with a solid network of interpersonal relationships.

Leadership Development

To improve the social and personal skills of the participants, a significant part of the Executive MBA Program is dedicated to the development of soft skills such as teamwork, intercultural collaboration, leadership, and adaptability. As such, the program has introduced the one-on-one experience where participants interact with faculty, managers, and professionals of the Talent Development Center for career development through coaching and mentoring activities. Demanding, intensive, but highly rewarding, the experience prepares participants to become a leader and provides them with a broader vision to respond to complex business issues in more comprehensive manner.

For example, through the program, part-time and evening EMBA the students will:

  • Deepen their sense of self-awareness 
    They will receive two personal assessments that will help them to understand others’ perceptions of themselves. They also will receive personalized feedback from a head hunter consultant. 
  • Build the strength, agility, and resilience they need for sustainable career performance
    The leadership workshop will give them a better understanding of how to achieve and accelerate career success, address potential gaps, and build targeted skills.
  • Prepare to seek and assume higher levels of leadership throughout their career
    Develop their skills in workshops with experts from the Talent Development Center.