Kellogg Graduate School of Management

Kellog Graduate School of Management
Program Strengths

With seven Executive MBA campuses throughout the world — based in Canada, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States — the Kellogg Executive MBA Program offers the largest, most immersive network of its kind. The school’s two U.S. programs in Evanston, Illinois, and Miami, Florida, meet twice a month and once a month respectively.

The Kellogg EMBA Program attracts the highest caliber executives, with the vast majority of students serving at the C-suite, vice president, or director level. Hailing from various disciplines, industries, and backgrounds, these students create a diverse and dynamic classroom environment that enhances the Kellogg learning experience.

The incredibly global nature of the program means that students engage in cross-cultural collaboration and networking with leaders who live and work in the markets they’re studying. They gain a deep understanding of market dynamics, customer needs, and cross-sector interdependencies. The program encourages and fosters a lifelong commitment to learning. After graduation, Kellogg EMBA alumni can return to campus and audit electives or use career services counselors at any time.

Curriculum Highlights

Core courses in general management help EMBA students grow beyond their functional area and develop into well-rounded managers with leadership strengths across all aspects of their organizations. At the same time, EMBA electives invite a deep dive into topics that support EMBA students’ professional goals while connecting academic theory to real-world practice. EMBA students can take global electives taught by local experts on any of Kellogg’s campuses, investigate emerging markets, and study alongside international students during Global Network Week.

Curricular innovation is a significant focus at Kellogg. The program emphasizes leadership development through a Personal Leadership Insights course, which focuses on each EMBA student’s leadership journey in a small group format. The program also offers hybrid elective courses, which blend online and face-to-face learning. Most recently, Kellogg launched entrepreneurship-focused experiential learning opportunities based on growing EMBA student interest in this sector.

Leadership Development

To facilitate career and leadership growth, dedicated career coaches with a history of mentoring executives partner with students. Using advanced self-assessment tools, one-on-one coaching, and a variety of exclusive, holistic services, career experts work closely with students to help them understand their leadership competencies and execute a long-term career plan. In addition, the program places a heavy emphasis on networking as a path to leadership success, an approach grounded in research from Kellogg Professor Brian Uzzi, who found that building diverse networks is essential to long-term leadership success. The Kellogg EMBA global network presents a unique opportunity for students to continue building their own networks as they grow as leaders. A recent survey showed that 94 percent of EMBA students advanced or changed careers within five years of graduation, and nearly 80 percent reported heightened job satisfaction.