Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto
Program Strengths

Program strengths include flexibility, diversity, and an emphasis on leadership development.

Delivered on fully integrated campuses across three regions in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, the modular 17-month format combines both work and study.

With each class comprising an unparalleled diversity of nationalities, participants learn from each other and build a close-knit, yet globally distributed network.

Leadership Development Program
The program includes team-building exercises, group and individual coaching, 360-degree feedback, leader forums with top business leaders, and peer shadowing with fellow participants. Designed to develop a leadership style that is authentic to the student, the program helps in turn accelerate career progress.

Curriculum Highlights

Conducted regionally, the first half of the program involves reviewing, reviving, and expanding participants' understanding of the fundamentals that all business leaders need. Its integrated curriculum helps distinguish the INSEAD EMBA from other top programs. Participants in the second half come equipped with the same knowledge base and the same set of experiences.

Leadership Development

Founded on the belief that leadership is much more than management, the Leadership Development Program (LDP) combines a wide range of innovative learning methods to further develop a participant's authentic leadership style. The INSEAD Global Leadership Center delivers the program. Participants become a part of a learning group whose diverse members support, encourage, and challenge each other throughout the program.

The LDP culminates in an extensive personalized development plan, which helps participants continue their growth as a leader long after graduation.