Columbia Business School

Program Strengths

Columbia’s Executive MBA Program is designed for busy professionals who have the motivation and drive to do more, be more, and who want to make a positive impact on their organizations right now. Columbia’s relationship to New York City cannot be underestimated—the city fuels so much of what happens at the school and feeds its programs with exceptional faculty members and practitioners willing to give of their time and talents through the Executives in Residence Program, Master Classes, speaking engagements, and conferences. To accommodate the needs of busy professionals, Columbia’s Executive MBA Program offers a multitude of scheduling options, giving students from throughout the world a way to access a world-class MBA without leaving their jobs.

Curriculum Highlights

The school’s stable of 150 full-time faculty members—thought leaders whose research is transforming the way global business is conducted—teach courses. They are joined by more than 150 adjuncts—practitioners from a wealth of industries who, because of Columbia’s symbiotic relationship with New York, can take the subway uptown to teach a class on their lunch break. The comprehensive core curriculum builds the foundation necessary for success in any field, while electives provide insight into specialized areas of expertise. Faculty members offer new perspectives and a deeper understanding of timely issues and, in collaboration with the EMBA learning team, students work on finding innovative solutions to real-world problems facing businesses today. At the very heart of the school’s philosophy is the entrepreneurial mindset. Courses teach students to maximize individual initiative by identifying, valuing, and capturing opportunity no matter the field. Students’ value at the office rises as they learn new skills on Saturday and apply them Monday to pressing work challenges.

Leadership Development

With a curriculum focused on global issues, classmates from throughout the world, and faculty members with extensive international experience and influence, students expand their worldview and gain a true 360-degree perspective on the business world today. All EMBA students participate in an international seminar, and those interested in delving into a deeper global experience should consider applying to the EMBA-Global Program, Columbia’s groundbreaking partnership with London Business School and the University of Hong Kong. The school’s Career Management Center (CMC) offers support specifically for Executive MBA students and has a team dedicated to meeting EMBA student needs. They’ll provide the strategic tools that students need to advance within their companies and achieve their goals at every stage of a career. Finally, no business school alumni network is more accessible than Columbia’s. From day one, students are connected to more than 40,000 alumni who work in more than 100 countries, often at the very top of their fields. Their passion for the school is reflected in the time they give to students through mentoring, lectures, internships, and so much more. The benefits are exponential for students and their companies.