Weatherhead School of Management

Case Western Reserve University
Program Strengths

Weatherhead’s EMBA Program helps students examine their leadership strengths and gaps and develop a personalized learning plan to become the best leader possible. For decades, the organizational behavior faculty members enjoy a best-in-class reputation for teaching the art of leadership at the levels of self, team, organization, and society. Participants learn directly from the originators of breakthrough business concepts, such as appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, intentional change theory, sustainable value, flourishing, and manage by designing.

Through this experience, students have the opportunity to collaborate with top minds from the U.S. and abroad. The program pairs each participant with an executive coach who provides personalized leadership development as well as professional support.

Curriculum Highlights

Designed to suit the work-study balance of high-level executives, the program spans five semesters for 21 months. It requires only 16 visits to the Cleveland campus, which allows participation from students throughout the world. Participants select learning teams, which represent essential partnerships during the program.

World-renowned faculty and participants from major organizations internationally all contribute to the highly collaborative learning environment. The diverse learning teams draw from a wide range of industries and roles, which provides participants with broader views of organizational challenges.

Throughout the program, participants work on an application project to generate value in their organizations by deploying resources and capabilities in new ways.

During the summer semester, students travel abroad for a portion of the program where faculty members reinforce business fundamentals through a global lens. Weatherhead faculty and experienced professionals from organizations worldwide coordinate hands-on activities with local entities, as well as in an academic setting, in the region for that year’s study experience. Students explore the nature of global leadership and operations while improving their understanding of the role of culture in business and society.

Leadership Development

The Weatherhead EMBA takes a multi-dimensional approach to drive leadership skills and provide immediate value for each participant and their organization. By pursuing Weatherhead's pioneering leadership concepts, participants learn to use organizational behavior to drive innovation and significant change.

To prepare executives for leadership challenges, the program focuses on four elements:

  • Development of leadership skills at the levels of self, team, organization, and society
  • Understanding of the sociopolitical structures in need of leadership, including government, the world economy, and the rapidly changing realm of technology
  • Mastery of business language, with a special focus on how it is spoken in the boardroom
  • Achievement of change in organizations by leading design-oriented teams

These four elements create a leadership package that will prime the student executive to assume a more responsible and influential position in an existing organization or to build a dynamic new organization. Together, these skills help leaders act with confidence and decisiveness in the face of uncertainty.

The EMBA emphasizes a unique, personalized approach to learning, with a focus on self-awareness as the key to becoming an effective leader. The program assigns each student to an executive coach who helps the student take full advantage of the academic experience while providing guidance for personal and leadership development.



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