Program innovations

Business Radio lends insights on many issues
Villanova University

Broadcasting from the Wharton campus, Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School airs via satellite on Sirius XM channel 111.

The 24/7 channel features expert information on a wide range of business topics from world-renowned and distinguished professors and alumni as regular weekly hosts, plus executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and other experts as special hosts and guests.

Business Radio covers every aspect of business in an informative, entertaining, and approachable manner — from the biggest headlines of the day to the nuts and bolts of building a business from the ground up — with many shows offered via live, call-in format.


Dawn Graham, Wharton MBA for Executives Career Director, hosts the most recent addition to the weekly line-up, “Career Talk,” Mondays at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. Graham advises listeners on ways to excel in interviews, strategies for effective networking, and tips for negotiating great offers in the call-in career-focused program.

Other popular programs include: In the Workplace (Thursdays at 5 p.m. Eastern Time) with industrial relations expert Professor Peter Cappelli as host, “Entrepreneurs are Everywhere” (Thursdays at 4 p.m. Eastern Time) with start-up guru Steve Blank hosting from Wharton’s campus in Silicon Valley, and “Your Money” (Tuesdays at 5 p.m. Eastern Time) with Boettner Chair Professor Kent Smetters as host.

The advice, information, topics, and real-life people and businesses explored on the channel help listeners of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience — entrepreneurs, start-ups, generations of a family business, and seasoned business executives alike — to navigate the 21st century business world.


EMBA students go virtual

Bradley University faculty have adapted to distance learning, and the 13th cohort of the Theresa S. Falcon Executive MBA Program is making great progress.  In response to COVID-19, the program has gone virtual for the remainder of spring and summer with hopes to return to the University’s new state-of-the-art Business and Engineering Convergence Center on campus in the fall.  The program also looks forward to some delivery changes for the next cohort starting in fall 2022, which will include weekly online meetings in between monthly sessions on campus.  

EMBA students can choose from one of two format options

Starting in fall 2020, the Goizueta Business School at Emory University will deliver its Executive MBA Program in two formats to expand flexibility for students.

The program will offer the single curriculum in an on-campus format with classes every other weekend and a hybrid format that delivers six hours of course content online each week and includes three weekends of on-campus per semester. When students in the hybrid format come to campus, they will attend class with their counterparts in the on-campus format, giving all students more opportunities to grow their professional networks.

Regardless of format, all students will take the same courses, be taught by the same faculty, and receive the same Career Management Center support. Both formats will also include intensive leadership development with executive coaching and networking events that bring together all Executive MBA students.


“We were really focused on making our programs more accessible and convenient for busy working professionals who already have extraordinary demands on their time,” says Ed Leonard, senior associate dean of Graduate Education. “By offering an on-campus and a hybrid format, we’re giving students the flexibility to earn their MBAs in a way that best fits their needs. We’ll also be bringing students in both formats together three times each semester. That will help build an atmosphere of community and also enrich the classroom experience because we’ll have more students and greater diversity of thought.”

Goizueta also has relaxed the employment requirement for its EMBA Program to accommodate those who have recently lost their job or anticipate losing their job due to the current global pandemic and economic crisis. The program will continue to look for a strong history of professional growth and impact. The next application deadline is June 25, 2020, and application fees will be waived for the remainder of the application cycle. Less...

Initiatives support community in many ways

FDC has unveiled a number of initiatives to support EMBA students, alumni, organizations, and the community at large.

  • FDC opened its digital platform COM:munity to Brazilian society. Since March 23, FDC has conducted free webinars on its YouTube channel, offering knowledge about management, entrepreneurship, leadership, finance, innovation, as well as other issues of importance to companies and professionals in a time of such uncertainty. A video playlist also was created with a focus on public management topics.

In 30 days, FDC’s YouTube subscriber base grew 70 percent, from 9,400 subscribers to 16,000 subscribers. FDC has made 27 free webinars available to the public, who watched them and other videos more than 95,000 times.

  • To help deal with uncertainties in times of crisis and support new skills and ways of thinking, FDC launched YOU IN FOCUS, videos with personal development lessons from professors, coaches, and experts.

  • EMBA students can participate in a new offering, MBA Talks. Through this initiative, a professor talks to small groups of students through online chat about topics and issues that will help them face their many challenges during this time. Students have discussed topics such as marketing, innovation, finance, and leadership and people management in times of crisis.

  • FDC also is bringing companies together to share and generate insights and solutions in a joint and collectively structured way. With a professor as moderator, representatives of 10 pre-selected companies discuss strategies and alternatives to deal with the moment.

  • FDC alumni are involved as well. FDC invited top Brazilian and multinational CEOs to speak with a limited number of alumni. Eduardo Fischer Teixeira de Souza, CEO of MRV, the largest Brazilian construction company, was the first interviewed. FDC also posted the conversation on the FDC YouTube channel. Alumni will conduct interviews every two weeks as part of this initiative.

  • Another FDC initiative, FDC Empreenda – EM:FRENTE assists some one million low-income entrepreneurs by creating a network of supporters; by developing a “Support an Entrepreneur” channel, inspired by the current “Mentor For Prosperity,” which receives donations; and by providing virtual training for alumni and other stakeholders to act as mentors to low-income small business entrepreneurs.

  • FDC hosted a number of webinars focused on the challenges of leadership in times of COVID-19. For example, Professors Edgard and Peter Schein, father of organizational culture studies, talked about humble leadership in times of Covid-19. FDC also hosted Professor Henry Mintzberg for a fireside chat on Managing in Times of COVID-19 and Professor Jonathan Gosling, who talked about leadership, power, and reflection in the age of COVID-19.

Smeal College of Business adds master’s incentive for incoming EMBA class

The Penn State Smeal College of Business is adding an exclusive opportunity to gain a second master’s degree, with no change in tuition, for its incoming Executive MBA class. 

Qualified applicants who enroll in the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA in Philadelphia this August may choose to complete a secondary 30- to 33-credit online master’s degree or a nine- to 12-credit online graduate professional certificate.

“We believe now is the perfect opportunity to revisit goals and reevaluate plans,” says Teresa Avery, managing director of the program. “The Smeal EMBA can prepare you for venturing down a new path or enhance your value within your current organization.”


EMBA students may apply the incentive to one of four online specialty master’s programs, all of which are led by Penn State Smeal faculty and delivered online by Penn State World Campus: Supply Chain Management, Marketing Analytics & Insights, Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship, or Strategic Management & Executive Leadership.

Alternatively, qualified students may choose one Penn State Smeal online graduate certificate from 10 specialty areas such as business analytics, business sustainability strategy, supply chain management, and more.

Students must apply and be accepted into their secondary graduate option and must complete course work within five years for a master’s or three years for a certificate after graduating from the EMBA Program. For more information, visit here or contact