Other avenues of funding EMBA education

Financing for EMBA - Financing Sources

For whatever reason, if you may need to explore sources of funding, there are a number of traditional ones:

Corporate sponsorship

Many EMBA students tap their organizations for some level of financial support. Learn more about making your case.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Recognizing the financial challenges of students, more EMBA Programs are offering scholarships or fellowships – from 38.8 percent in 2008 to 67 percent in 2023, according to EMBA Council research. Be sure to check with your list of EMBA Programs to learn more about possible scholarship and fellowship support.


Student loans are also another possibility, but federal funding of student loans has changed significantly in recent years and continues to change almost constantly.

Prospective students who are considering borrowing funds for the degree should do their homework before committing to any loan program. One popular U.S. federal option is the Stafford Loan for Graduate Students (www.staffordloan.com).

Some business schools in the United States, Canada, and Europe have launched their own programs to better meet student needs. Check with the business school to see if it offers such a program.

Other options

Schools may make research assistantships or teaching assistantships available, but this option may not work well for EMBA students who are already working.

In addition to the typical situations for EMBA students, there are options for students in less typical situations.

  • Students who also serve in the military may qualify for the Yellow Ribbon Program, which will provide matching funds for military personnel who qualify.
  • EMBA Programs sometimes have some amount of funds that are dedicated for student emergencies.


Texas Business Strategies

EMBA alumnus Daniel Dower financed his education in an effective, but unusual, way. “I began to make investments in the stock market following the same conservative value-based principles I had used in real estate,” he says. “After paying for all of my tuition, as well as supporting my oldest daughter in college, my account is about the same as before I began the program.”