LinkedIn and EMBAC Partner for New Grad Survey

According to a 2017 survey of more than 1,000 Executive MBA alumni throughout the world, the majority of graduates found their EMBA experience worth the investment of time and resources.

The survey was conducted by EMBAC in partnership with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

In fact, 72 percent of participants responded that the EMBA Program positively impacted their careers, resulting in advancement and even the launch of their own businesses.

Graduates in the survey also saw a substantial salary increase over time – 28 percent in the first five years.

But salary only tells part of the story. According to graduates, the further development of knowledge and skills offers much more value.

“Interestingly, the results show that earning potential was not the main factor for prospective students when deciding to attend a program,” says Michael Desiderio, EMBAC executive director. “Rather, it was an increase in business knowledge and skills that help change their career course.”

Gaining core business knowledge and developing leadership and collaboration skills topped the list of critical factors for prospective students considering an EMBA Program.

Salary increases came fifth on the list, behind opportunities to do fulfilling work and the ability to change one’s career trajectory. Graduates also indicated that the program did well in delivering on the desired knowledge and leadership and collaboration skills.

LindedIn is a Top Platform for EMBA Grads

The survey also quantified EMBA alumni use of LinkedIn. More than 91 percent of participants visited LinkedIn weekly in one four-week period and more than 55 percent reported 500 or more connections.

The survey took place in September and included 1,017 graduates from North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific regions.

“The Executive MBA Council hears from alumni about how the program has enhanced their careers, but working together with LinkedIn to survey their members, we were able to gather concrete evidence of that impact,” says Desiderio.

The survey also reinforced the willingness of alumni to recommend and support EMBA Programs.

The collaboration between EMBAC and LinkedIn proved fruitful in demonstrating the return on education for alumni.

“LinkedIn is actively investing in solutions for higher education institutions, so it was a natural fit for us to work with the Executive MBA Council to understand what graduates are gaining from Executive MBA Programs,” says Ira Amilhussin​, global senior marketing manager, higher education, at LinkedIn.

“On LinkedIn, schools have a unique opportunity to engage prospects, current students, and alumni, and we were able to survey our worldwide user base to determine the return on education as it relates to EMBA Programs.”

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