Month: June 2014


COURSE BENEFITS EMBA STUDENTS AND NON-PROFITS Non-profit for the blind, visually impaired gets marketing boost

Executive MBA students at the Stetson University School of Business Administration put what they learn in their Marketing Decision Making course to work for Central Florida non-profits. Over the past few years, student cohorts have provided marketing expertise to organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida, the Coalition for the Homeless …

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Women and Business

What does the picture look like for women in business? Elissa Sangster, executive director of the Forté Foundation, succinctly describes the current status of women in business. “I would say we have made progress, but we still have a long way to go.”

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Gavinder Bhatia received her mechanical engineering degree and was transitioning to the business side. She talked to several mentors in her company about returning to school, and they said that she didn’t necessarily need an MBA to move forward. But when she attended a woman-in-industry networking event, she learned more about the Executive MBA and realized that it offered an opportunity to expand her strategic skills.

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Value to Students

The Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) Student Exit Benchmarking Survey reveals not only data about salary increases for recent EMBA graduates, but also indicates the aspects of the EMBA experience they value the most.

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Fellow Students and Alumni

Michelle Reid was working for a health care start-up when she entered the Cornell University Executive MBA (EMBA) Program in New York, New York. A former technology solutions executive, Reid wanted to return to IBM.

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Corporate Perspectives

The Executive MBA offers a powerful tool in the arsenal of leadership development for organizations, say executives from diverse industries.

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New Roles

After attending three conferences on business education on three different continents, Jordi Diaz began to ponder the role of business schools in today’s world and the new expectations of participants in business training programs.

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Sponsorship Shift

For the first time in five years, the percentage of students who fully fund their Executive MBA (EMBA) education has declined slightly, according to results from the 2014 Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) Membership Program Survey stands out.

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Alumni Talk

EMBA Programs can help students bolster their leadership skills and styles, according to a panel of alumni who spoke to Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) members at the EMBAC Conference in October 2014.

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The Cutting Edge

Executive MBA (EMBA) students are using novel tools of technology to strengthen their leadership skills….

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