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Like the business world, the Executive MBA changes and innovates to respond to marketplace needs and trends. For EMBA Programs, the bottom line is preparing its students to succeed as they assume greater leadership responsibilities. Throughout the years, EMBA Programs have adapted in many ways:

  • EMBA Programs offer an international perspective through international trips, courses, projects, immersion experiences, networking, and dedicated Global EMBA Programs that often cross country boundaries.
  • According to EMBA Council research, most EMBA Programs revised their curriculum in the past five years. Those revisions include adding electives, restructuring curriculum, adding an increased focus on leadership or global business, or adding courses. EMBA curriculums also show a greater emphasis on soft and other skills, such as leadership, entrepreneurship, communications, and professional development.
  • Technology is helping EMBA Programs reach students and enhance their education, as well as increasing the efficiency of students.
  • Now more than ever, EMBA Programs are offering a diversity of career management and career services, helping students who want to grow their career within an organization or explore new career options.
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Executive Director
Michael Desiderio

The decision to undertake an EMBA education is a serious one – one that requires information gathering.

As the association of Executive MBA Programs worldwide, the Executive MBA Council is in a unique position to offer students information to help them with their decisions and choices, says Michael Desiderio, executive director of the EMBA Council.

“We have data about EMBA Programs and data about the industry overall,” he says. “We are able to track industry trends, to share information about programs, and to make that information easily available to students.”

The EMBA Council launched this web site as a place for those who are interested in an EMBA education to learn more about the EMBA experience, including from students and alumni, to find EMBA Programs worldwide, to compare their offerings, and to ask questions.

“We plan to continue enhancing the site’s content, and we also encourage you to contact us with ideas and feedback”

State of the industry

Median program length
Class size
Most programs
start in August or September
Top industries represented
Healthcare industry
Financial services

Data from 2023 EMBAC Membership Program Survey


Travel is back: 89 percent of programs included either a mandatory or optional international trip in their curriculum.