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Considering EMBA

Just what is the Executive MBA and why is it worthy of your consideration?

First the why: Executive MBA Programs throughout the world offer business leaders a unique educational experience that goes beyond business fundamentals to broaden perspectives, build peer networks, and grow your leadership abilities.

Wondering exactly how: Top Reasons and Benefiting from EMBA demonstrate the many different ways that the degree experience delivers on value.

Now to the what: EMBA Programs are designed as a way for experienced business leaders to earn their MBA while minimizing the disruption to their work.

Characteristics of EMBA Programs include:

  • Flexible formats that allow program completion in two years or less while working full time Fellow Students from all types and sizes of industry
  • Same peer group throughout the whole program
  • Stimulating classroom discussions and team-based projects
  • Curriculum that covers and integrates all business functions
  • Global in scope, often with an international experiential component
  • Emphasis on leadership, personal skill development, and applied learning
  • Senior faculty as instructors
  • Professional services


Right to Play
Alumni Voice - Charlie Robbins

President and CEO of Right to Play in Toronto, Canada, Johann Koss experienced firsthand the power of the EMBA experience.

Former Norwegian speed skater and four-time gold medalist, Koss launched his organization before he began his EMBA Program. The non-profit organization, Right to Play supports sports and play programs for children throughout the world, advocates for every child’s right to play, and is involved in research and development.

“When I started the program, we were still in the entrepreneurial mode and needed to grow systematically,” he says. “As a result of the program, I learned how to strategize, create systems, and build processes.”

Because of that improved strategic thinking, Right to Play grew from $5 million in 2004 to $35 million, Koss says. Other important gains include stronger financial systems, improved marketing, and the ability to deliver on the mission”

EMBA student profile

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Data from 2023 EMBAC Membership Program Survey


Born during a time of war, the very first Executive MBA Program debuted in 1943 at the University of Chicago with an entering class of 52 students, including four women.