Lasting and significant connections

Benefiting from EMBA - Your Network

Shake hands. Exchange business cards. The traditional take on networking may not result in the lasting and significant connections that really make a difference for business leaders.

EMBA students, though, enter their programs with two important networking forces on their side. First, they move through their EMBA Programs with the same group of students, working with them side-by-side, which forms a network of much deeper connections. Second, the students in that network are already highly successful business leaders from diverse industries, which increases available talent and expertise in the network.

EMBA Programs also support ongoing networking from the very start of the program, during orientation when students first meet each other and begin to form teams. The program continues to encourage student bonding in both academic and social ways throughout the program, which results in strong peer learning and continued relationships.

As a result of these bonds, EMBA students often form lifelong friendships and make connections with business leaders that can help advance their careers and that they can continue to tap throughout their careers. Students frequently say that the network is one of the most valuable aspects of the program. Networking takes place in small and large ways, and occurs countless times during the program and after the program as well.


President & Founder
Sakos Activegear

EMBA alumnus Chris Lee found such great value in his classmates that he recruited three of them to work in his start-up company.

“Sakos was in the start-up phase when I began the Executive MBA Program,” says Lee, president and founder of Sakos Activegear Company, Inc., in California, which sells backpacks, clothing, and other products to the school uniform market. “But one individual can’t grow a company to the level it needs. I recruited three people from the program – all have an entrepreneurial outlook and spirit that benefit the company.”

Lee also benefited from his EMBA class network in other ways.

“The knowledge shared by professors, investors, entrepreneurs, and peers has helped me grow my business,” says Lee. “These are personal relationships – friendships that enrich my lifestyle. Members of the network are always ready to assist and advise.”