Experience with the world and in the world of business

Benefiting from EMBA - Global View

How important is a global perspective in today’s world? In a word, vital.

EMBA Programs recognize the importance of the global mindset to business. As a result, they offer a diverse array of opportunities that allow students to better understand and experience the global nature of business. Depending on the program, those opportunities may include one or more of the following:

  • Global issues that are woven into courses throughout the curriculum
  • Trips to international locations that involve a mix of projects, company and facility visits, guest speakers from upper management and government, networking with alumni, and cultural activities
  • International residencies
  • Courses that combine international business and international travel
  • Projects that involve international components

In addition, more and more schools are combining to offer global Executive MBA Programs. Schools may offer EMBA Programs in different countries – sometimes in collaboration with local schools – and then bring students from their programs together for courses and networking. Other schools collaborate to jointly offer one EMBA Program that builds on the strength of each school, and in other cases, EMBA Programs target business leaders from different countries. Visit Search and Compare to learn more about global EMBA Programs.


Red-Soft Corporation

Realizing that business often extends beyond country boundaries, Nikolay Samofatov wanted a program with a decidedly global focus. “The world is a very interconnected place, says Samofatov, CEO of Red-Soft Corporation, a software engineering firm based in Russia. “In business, we’re dealing with global economic forces.”

During his program, he traveled to eight countries: Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, China, SAR, Argentina, and Brazil, spending one to three weeks in each country. In addition, he gained new colleagues who work throughout the world.

“Because of what I learned in the Executive MBA Program, I felt I could build a business in any country – some things are different, but after finishing this program, you know how to work anywhere.”