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Benefiting from EMBA - Career Growth

Looking for a career boost? Interested in reaching for higher ground? Want to be ready for more responsibility?

Executive MBA Programs not only help business leaders grow, they help them make significant career transitions, find a new job or garner a promotion, or launch a new business.

Simply put, EMBA Programs are designed to broaden the horizons of students. They offer fundamental knowledge that can be applied to all kinds of situations while also supporting personal and leadership development.

Recognizing the diversity of student goals, EMBA Programs also invest in a range of career development activities – from seminars for students on career-related topics to one-on-one coaching on career issues to assistance with job search activities to access to on-campus recruiting to online resources – and some twists in between.

Many programs ask students to consider their career growth goals very early in the program – sometimes during the admissions process – which allows students to take advantage of opportunities that move them closer to those goals.


General Manager
Sony Pictures, Mexico

Alexander Marin chose the Executive MBA to help set him apart and to enhance his career by broadening his knowledge and refining his skills in finance and strategy.

“The degree gives you the tools to be more relevant in your company, to contribute more intelligently,” says Marin, who was general manager of Sony Pictures, Mexico, when he entered the program. “Sony has invested a lot of time and effort in me. The company wants to see me grow.”

After completing his degree, Marin found himself moving forward and to the east – assuming responsibilities for part of Sony Pictures’ European market. “The Executive MBA is definitely an important ingredient in my success.”